Why I dont feel the need to protect myself from negative energy

I used to often say to myself “I must protect my energy field from the bad energy of others”. This is a very common thing to come across especially during the early stages of spiritual awakening when you start becoming more aware of energies that you weren’t aware of before. As your sensitivity to the world around you increases, two things are occurring. Firstly, your vibration is changing to state of lesser density. Secondly, as this vibrational shift occurs the potential difference between what you used to experience and what you’re experiencing now is increasing. 

Basically, what you used to feel now no longer feels good anymore so you start labelling things as “bad” or “negative”. For example, you might not be able to tolerate junk food, complaining, television, and a multitude of other things that you likely did engage with at some point in your life but you feel that you have now moved beyond that.
There is definitely validity in this process and it should be honoured just as much as any other part of the journey. However, I have come to realise that because everybody is having a different experience on their individual journeys, it is not appropriate for me to judge anybody else’s stage of growth as “bad” or “negative”. Yes, there are plenty of things that I choose to disengage with because they are not longer resonant with where I am, however whenever I encounter something that may not align with my current preferences, I choose to expand into it rather than go into resistance with it.
If there is one thing I have learned over the last few months, it is that growth, change and transformation occur best through SPACE rather than through pressure. Everything wants to be seen, accepted and loved. How can we transmute fear into love if we do not give it the space to breathe and release? In the same way that we allow air to expand into our lungs, we can allow all experiences to expand into our field as we hold, accept and love each and every individual’s journey.

This is not to say we have to continue engaging in situations that leave us feeling drained and unhappy, but we can choose to let go of the judgement and lovingly remove ourselves from the situation without making the other person “wrong”. By approaching situations in this way, we can feel more expansion within ourselves whilst also honouring the journeys of others. As we accept the aspects of others that make us feel uncomfortable, we also accept and embrace those aspects within ourselves. We are all one. There is no separation.



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