Top Tips For A Successful 2018

Want a successful 2018? Here’s my top tip for the year. Get a mentor!

Read on to learn why you need one, and more importantly, how to find the right one for you.

If you are trying to get to a milestone in life that you haven’t achieved before, getting a mentor is your best way to get there. Here’s why:

1) A mentor is somebody in your field who has already made the mistakes and can teach you both what to do, and more importantly what not to do.

2) The people you spend the most time with influence your behaviours. If you adopt the behaviours of your mentor, you will find success in the area they are mentoring you in.

3) It’s really hard to do it alone! Plus you’ll end up trying to reinvent the wheel over and over again for stuff that other people have already figured out. If you waste your time doing this, you won’t get to the part where you build on existing knowledge/research/practice and contribute your own bit to the world.

Reasons why you might not already have one (and why they’re not valid):

1) You don’t have the money.
Have you ever considered what it’s costing you to not have one? Mistakes cost more than mentors.

2) You don’t have the time.
Same as above. Time is valuable. As is money. Save yourself the frustration.

3) You don’t think you need one.
Unless you’re the top person in your industry, you need a mentor. Get your ego out of the way, ask for help. You don’t know what you don’t know until you hit the roadblocks for yourself. A mentor will point these out to you before you blindly hit them.

The biggest ACTUAL REASON you don’t have a mentor is because you’re afraid. You’re afraid of your own success. You’re afraid your life will change. You’re afraid YOU will change. If you’re reading this and getting all tense and nervous and excited just reading this then you definitely need a mentor.

How do you choose the right mentor?

Choosing the right mentor is a personal process. Everybody gels with different people so you have to find the right one for you. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right mentor:

1) Where do you want your life to go? Get clear on this first.

2) Is your mentor already at the place where you want to go? When I choose my mentors I only choose people who are walking their talk. If I am looking for a business mentor, I choose somebody who has already built a successful business so they can show me how to do it. Make sure they’re in your field of expertise! If I am looking for a spiritual mentor, I find somebody who is already demonstrating the level of awareness and embodies what they teach.

3) Choose somebody you can get along with. You don’t have to be best friends with your mentor, but you do have to get along with them. If they don’t share some similar values or outlook on life then they you’ll end up clashing on how to go about doing things.

Personally, I take all my business advice from millionaires, and I take spiritual advice from people who are well connected on the other side and those who are LIVING the lifestyle.

After you find your mentor, do yourself a favour and take on board what your mentor says! Don’t argue with your mentor. If they are wasting time trying to convince you why you should take their advice then either they are the wrong mentor for you or you’re being too cynical and stubborn. I see all too often people sinking tens of thousands of dollars into a mentor only to get no results because they’re too busy wanting to do everything their own way. Or perhaps you expected the mentor to do everything for you. That’s not how this works.

Here’s something to consider: if what you were doing was working, then would you need a mentor? If your way isn’t working, are you open to trying another way?

If your mentor is living the life you want, and they’re sharing how they got there with you then at the very least try out their tips and tools for yourself. You may be shocked when you do what they say and it actually works.

If you genuinely want to have an amazing year ahead, get yourself a mentor. If it’s spiritual mentoring you’re after and you want somebody to show you step by step how to open to higher realms then I can be that person for you (please make yourself known to me if this is you). If it’s something else then do your research and find the one who is living the life you want (living it for real, not just pretending to on social media).

Wishing you a fabulous year ahead.




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