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Speaking and media

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Multidimensional living

What is multidimensionality? How does it affect the way we live our day-to-day lives? Together we will explore what the multidimensional universe is like and how to operate from the new paradigm.

Healing in the new paradigm (most popular)

What does it mean to heal ourselves? How is healing different in the new paradigm compared to the old ones? In this talk you will have an opportunity to drop all old belief systems around healing. In the new paradigm we can bypass any dis-ease in the body by reawakening the cellular remembrance of it’s true state of being.

Energy, vibration and frequency

What is energy, vibration and frequency? How can we manipulate energy so we are in the flow of life? A practical talk providing tips and tools to help you manifest health, abundance and energy to move you more into your souls true purpose.

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