Say YES to yourself!

In light of a recent discussion with a friend of mine, I was asked what it means to love myself and to be true to who I am. I realised that for me, it initially looked like a whole lot of saying “no”.

You might be thinking “well that doesn’t make any sense.” Isn’t the path to happiness and enlightenment supposed to be all about positive affirmations and saying YES to allow positivity in?

It’s all about perspective.

What initially began as a string of saying no to other people, I realised that what I was actually doing was saying yes to myself. So when I said “No, I actually don’t have an extra five minutes to take that phone call,” what I meant was “Yes, I am allowed to finish my task without distractions.” When I said “no, I can’t do overtime at work”, what I actually meant was “Yes, I do deserve to have some time to relax this evening”.

The best part is, even on occasions where I felt selfish and guilty for saying yes to myself, my friends didn’t get offended at all. On the contrary, they thanked me for being open and honest with them. We all need time to recharge or to just do our own thing for a little while. It’s okay to say no to other people, to take care of our own health and wellbeing or simply to have our preferences and needs heard. Your voice is just as loud as everybody else’s.

The next time you feel like saying no to somebody, ask yourself “what am I saying YES to?” This helps to take away the guilt you might feel in turning somebody down. Know that in doing this you are ultimately looking after yourself, and thus are gifting the world a truer and more joyful version of yourself. That is one of the best things we can gift to ourselves and to the world.




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