Sacred Geometry DNA Activation

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The Sacred Geometry DNA Activation is an immersion into galactic and ancient earth energies that are brought forward to activate and awaken ancient light codes within the human design.

There are 10 codes in total that have been channeled and are being released to humanity on a progressive basis. At present only the first 4 codes have been released to the public. Each of the codes are designed to systematically open up the etheric blueprints in the DNA to assist humanity in its evolution.


This activation is for you if:

♥ You are interested in meditation

♥ You want to raise your vibration and open yourself to higher frequencies

♥ You enjoy working with sacred geometry

♥ You feel a strong connection to star beings and want to connect with your star origins

♥ You feel connected to Lemuria and Atlantis

Who is it not for?

The sacred geometry codes are very powerful and draw upon very high vibration energies. This course is not for you if you are skeptical or do not have an understanding of the power and sacredness of the geometry.

The Sacred Geometry DNA Activation, as the name suggests, is a very sacred experience and thus it is important that only those who are feeling called show up to the event. How can you tell if you are feeling called? The best way is to take a few seconds out right now and check in with yourself. Does the thought of coming along excites you or make you feel like you really want come along but maybe you aren’t really sure why? If so, you’re ready. If not, this may not be for you at this point in time.


Each activation ceremony can last for up to 3 hours, followed by time for integration and grounding. You will be given the codes in the order they are to be received. All activations are done within the energy of the merkaba light body field. This energy system is an ancient form of multidimensional travel. 

No prior experience is required as you will be taught the merkaba light body activation as part of the DNA Activation process.

What makes this unique?

These activations have been directly channeled and thus are new available for humanity. They were gifted to me within a series of meditations and thus are unique from anything else I know to exist. Those drawn towards these activations will receive a certain energy that will shift them in their evolution process.

Gifts received

These codes will open up your energy field receive both new and ancient codes from your star families. These activations are designed to work on your DNA through your light body. The human energetic system is designed to have up to 12 strands of DNA, however at present humanity only has two active physical strands. These codes assist the energetic reawakening of blueprints that will allow humanity to open up its DNA to the full set of codes within the next 2-3 generations.



What’s included:

Activation cards to take home and continue working with

Initiation into the merkaba energy field

Bonus: Wonderful community of like-minded souls!

Upcoming Ceremonies

Melbourne: 11:11 Gateway

Date & Time: November 11 at 7pm 

Address: Second Story Studios – 222 Johnson Street, Collingwood, Victoria

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How can I prepare for this ceremony?

Drink lots of water on the day. It is advisable to avoid meat or alcohol 24-48 hours prior. Always follow any medical requriements first. 

What’s involved and what do I bring?

The ceremony involves an introduction, then a series of meditations to help guide you into the energy. The ceremony involves a combination of sound and sacred geometry to activate your lightbody. You may wish to bring socks, shawl/small blanket, and a water bottle. 

What happens after the ceremony?

You will be given the activation cards to take home with instructions on how you can keep using them to help you hold the vibration of the newly activated energies. 

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