Resurrection Chakra

The Resurrection Chakra is a new chakra that has recently come “online” for people. This chakra activated within my energy field a few weeks ago and when this happened I saw very bright gold light in my inner vision.

This new chakra allows you to fully reset and restore your energy so that it can align with higher vibrational energies. The Resurrection Chakra sits right in the middle of the brain where the two hemispheres connect. Between the right hand and left hand hemispheres of the brain, there is a Rainbow Bridge, an energetic connection between the two parts of the brain. Right in the middle, on top of the bridge is where this Resurrection Chakra sits.

The Resurrection Chakra is golden in colour and looks like a golden ball of light sitting right in the middle of your brain. It is just above the pineal glad (the third eye chakra). This chakra resonates with the note High E (an octave above the E for the Solar Plexus).

The golden light is the Gold Christed Light which helps connect you to the higher dimensional Christed energy, hence relating to resurrection. Working with the Resurrection Chakra provides more clarity and easier discernment, allowing you to see things in a much clearer (and cleaner) light. You can also bring this golden resurrection energy into your other chakras to ‘resurrect’ them into balance.

The best way to learn more about this chakra and what it does it for you is to experience it for yourself. You can listen to this Resurrection Chakra Activation Meditation to help you connect with this energy and activate it within your energy field.

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