Reflections on life

Over the course of my life, I have been one to question, to search for answers, accepting no less that what I see to be truth. A truth that lies in integrity and love, and one that serves the highest good of all mankind. In this search for truth I discovered a whole world, a whole new me, and a life that I could not have even fathomed possible.

Having let go of all expectations and belief systems of what my life should be and what society told me my life should look like, I stepped into a world of infinite possibility where nothing is quite what it seems – in a good way!

2015 was a year of shifting, changing, transforming, breaking out of the cocoon and spreading my wings. So many things changed over the year and, looking back now, I can hardly recognise the person I was back then. As the world around me changed, the world within me shifted. Together, the external and internal worlds grew faster and further then ever before and by the end of the year I felt completely reborn.

Where this leaves me now is a place is expansion where I finally feel like I am being true to myself, embracing all aspects of me. If there’s on thing I’ve learned about life over the last few months, it’s this:

No matter how much you seek, yearn or search for a greater meaning or purpose, the truth was never out there. It was always within you, always has been and always will be. The greatet irony in the spiritual path is that people spend years, even lifetimes, attempting to walk the path towards truth without realising that the path itself IS the truth. 

I’ve found great comfort in knowing now that there is nowhere to go, nowhere to be and nothing to do in order to fulfill your life’s purpose, other than what is already occurring. Everything will always be in the present moment. The present moment contains the potential to be everything and nothing all at once. I don’t think you can really get life “wrong”. The only thing that might change is the experience you have based on your level of awareness. It’s the different between going through life with eyes closed or eyes open. You are still going to walk the path either way, but with eyes closed you would have a very different experiences to having your eyes open. 

Neither option is right or wrong, better or worse. Simply different. If you like, you can even choose to switch between opening your eyes and closing your eyes as you go along. It’s just an experience. 

And in case you’re wondering, the path we’re all on is the path towards home. We’re all going to get there eventually, in whatever way we choose to. We can take as much or as little time as we need. We can stop to smell the flowers, splash in the puddles, get rained on, cover ourselves in mud, and go through the storms just to watch the sun come out again with a rainbow on the horizon. 

Whatever you choose, however the experience pans out for you, I hope you remember this:

You are free to choose the experience you have and no matter what you choose, even if you choose to “not choose”, you are and always will be eternal love, the source of all creation. 

Sending you many blessings. May you have all that your heart and soul truly desire. 

IN divine grace,


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