Realm of Possibility
I bet I can share a secret with you that will completely change your life!

For the last few years I have watched my life take many (unexpected) twists and turns and over the years I have learned that the universe is actually very good at showing me where I am heading. Keep reading so I can share with you exactly how I learned to read the signs from the universe.

Lo and behold the ‘Realm of Possibility’ ©

The Realm of Possibility is the name given to the ‘bubble’ of energies that surround you at any given point in time. Within this realm there are 3 zones.

Zone 1: This is the Zone of Immediate Convergence. These are all the energies that are so close to you that it’s just a matter of time before they manifest into your own reality. In this zone lies all your coincidences, synchronicities and anything that pops up in your awareness with multiple occurrences. This is usually the stuff the universe is putting pretty strongly in front of you for you to look at.

Zone 2: This is the Zone of Subtle Attraction. In this zone you will find things that may pop up into your awareness more than just once or twice, but require further energy input before they can enter into Zone 1 and manifest into your life. If you choose to put conscious attention (and INtention) into these energies they can come closer into Zone 1, otherwise they may fall away into Zone 3 and beyond.

Zone 3: This is the Zone of Peripheral Awareness. Within this zone lies everything else that is in your conscious awareness but hasn’t come into your life enough times to play a major role in your life.

Beyond these three zones lies everything that is in your Extended Field of Awareness (conscious or subconscious) and at the centre of these three zones lies your Central Reality, i.e. what you have already manifested to exist within your reality. Your next step forward is more often than not in alignment with something that lies in your Zone of Immediate Convergence.

When you start to become aware of which events/situation/people/energies are within that zone you can use this awareness to either pull something towards you or shift something away from you. The way to move these energies is by shifting your own vibration, which can only occur once you are fully aware of what vibration you are sending out to the universe.

To first build this awareness you can look to the world around you and see what is being presented within your Zone 1. For example, if you are currently seeing lots of harmony and balance in your life then you are likely putting out a harmonious energy. However, if you are seeing conflict and chaos in your immediate surroundings then maybe it’s time to look at what inner conflicts are going on for you.

You can also look to the events and lives of those around you to get some clues about where you might be heading. For example, if several people in your life are starting their own businesses and you are still in your nine to five job, consider if that energy is presenting itself to you in many forms to nudge you in that same direction. If you choose to move with the energy then you can pull in the experience of everyone around you into your own reality by taking the steps necessary to make it happen.

Now that you know about the Realm of Possibility, pay attention to what energies crop up in each of your three zones and play around with bringing the energies you want into your Central Reality. Comment below with your experiences and be sure to share this useful information with your friends and family!




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