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These are a few things those who attend my regular meditation groups and courses have to say:

Fnm [Friday Night Meditation] helps me unwind and feel fab after a long and arduous week. Plus I have the best sleep afterwards.

Eesha, you are a fricken galactic guardian! So cool, so cosmic, minus the hippie white light fruit cake stuff. You’re the real deal. SO

Spirtual Coach & Author

Here are some of the things people say after a private session with Eesha:

I have woken up, and I dunno how to explain it other than my life force is back.
You have such a beautiful soul and I can’t thank you enough for the gift you gave me… much love.

I love the perfect timing of life. With the amazing healing circle we had last time, the healing that you did for me bringing me back into my body then followed by the Chakra dance last night I feel I can have that connection to earth and the universe now. Now I’m happy to be here, as I know I’m meant to be. So bless you and thank you for this. xx

A testimonial about the Multidimensional Energy Healing Course:

I can’t thank Eesha enough for facilitating such a life changing group held in a feeling of safety and love. Although I don’t think words are enough to describe the shift I feel within from being apart of this experience. I feel it has changed my life in a positive way. I have learnt to connect even deeper to my own source energy. Which is powerful and divine in everyway. This liberates you in a new way that you can feel the connection with your own centre of divinity and the creation of all. We felt how all exists only in this present moment.
Also letting go of the attachment of conditioned learning, your own past experiences, anything that may have you entering a situation with preconceived ideas of how it will be. To be in the now and connected of source energy is freeing beyond words. Interesting things have come up and I have felt us all grow and become stronger at giving and receiving energy. Plus it feels wonderful to receive a session and actively allow that energy to enter and be aware of what is happening.
With immense love in my heart and being thank you Eesha and all those that were a part of this experience.

Donna Shima

My life has changed so much it’s hard to remember life before I knew you [Eesha]! Truly a divinely powerful soul/woman Gary Hazleton

Hi Eesha, I’d like to thank you for the channeling sessions I have attended. The experience has been amazing! I feel privileged and honoured in your presence. Your energy and channeling has been insightful, fun and uplifting and always look forward to the next session. Thank you! Gary Hazleton

Ray Mangano, Director at Superior Sounds DJs

Eesha has the ability to channel through profound big picture multidemensional information full of universal truths as well as personally tailored recommendations to help you on your path. As we move into collective consciousness her insights bring a clarity and wisdom much needed at this time and give a higher perspective of our journey as we move forward into the new world that we are creating. She is a beacon of light and joy and I would recommended whole heartily any chance to have a session with Eesha. Crystal Rogers


A recent experience with Eesha had me feeling a deep dissolving and connection into ‘everything’. The present was brought into full force as a strength of wisdom flowed through Eesha that was palpable and authentic. It was an experience that allowed me to inhabit a place of knowing and left me with a greater understanding of the world of channeling. I feel very fortunate to have taken part. Adrian Snary

Producer, Adrian Snary Unlearning Podcast

It’s been an amazing experience attending Eesha’s meditation sessions at Siddhi Space both emotionally and spiritually. Eesha has helped me to re connect with my inner being and have a loving and kind connection with myself again. I highly recommend her meditation sessions. Tofigh Habibi


My last session was an absolutely beautiful experience. Eesha is such a lovely soul and keeps her space sacred and safe for anyone. If I wouldn’t live so far away I would come around weekly to surround myself with this beautiful energy and Eesha’s healing and activation abilities. Thank you so much Antje Firla

Full time Mum and Entrepreneur

A testimonial about the Sacred Geometry DNA Activation Ceremony:

Eesha can hold space, be it for a one on one healing, group meditation or for your own endeavours to flourish. For those seeking sacred geometries journeys, Eesha’s sacred geometry activation meditations are the real deal for those wishing to go beyond the stars and our physical realms. Nita King

Author and Galactic Reiki Master

Before I met Eesha I had challenges with accepting the intergalactic reality of human nature and thought it was all a bunch of waffle. Upon seeing how natural and harmonious it was for her to speak on this topic I asked her to do a session on me. It cleared up a lot of my charge in this area and I now find I can have deeper and more loving connections with people who do live in this alternate reality. I find I can love and accept them without the judgements that used to arise prior. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Eesha and if you want to reconnect or find clarity in your relationship to your intergalactic family I highly recommend speaking to her. Miroslav Petrovich

Heart Coach & Expertential Speaker


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