Multidimensional Frequency Technique is an energy healing modality channelled through Eesha Patel with the help of her spirit guides and star family.

The technique comes from higher dimensional methods of working with energy through the zero-point frequency.

MFT’s unique approach to energy work allows you to work faster, deeper and more efficiently with your clients. This is a fantastic addition to your current energy healing practices or perfect for those new to energy healing.

Multidimensional Frequency Technique was channelled over the course of 6 months and has completely revolutionized the way we work with energy. As the energetic conditions on the planet shift rapidly into newer frequencies, we can now learn to work with these new energies.

MFT practitioner training is a very hands-on, practical training where you will give and receive a treatment during each workshop as well as attune yourself to these new energies and practices. 

MFT is an internationally recognised modality that you can get insurance for as a practitioner. 



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The following practitioners have completed MFT training and are available for private energy work sessions:

Toni Waller, Craigie WA

I have known since I was a small child that when I touched people my hands got very warm and that I could take away others pain.  I have channel Universal energy to assist in the healing of others physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually using multiple healing modalities; including  MFT.



Lena Smith, Joondalup WA

I’ve been a practicing remedial massage therapist since 2004 which was initiated from doing my reiki 1 earlier in 2002. I found that energy work along side with the full participation of the receiver through movement and awareness creates great shifts. From then on my journey has lead me to many other modalities to form the gift set that I can offer my participants. Most recently I studied the MFT which has shifted what I offer to the next level and I’d be happy to share this with everyone. 



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