Manifesting and creating in 5d

Excerpt from a channelling with our Lemurian friends.

My dear friends, we are joined here today in this beautiful heart space. We’re sharing energy with the beautiful collective of the Lemurian people, who wish to be here with you today to share a little bit about how we used to create the world that we lived in. In the ancient Lemurian times we created magnificent structures beyond what anything humanity has been capable of doing since the fall. 

Our creations were so magnificent and so easy because we worked completely in harmony with the natural world around us. The technologies that you have in your world today are not in harmony with natural law. And though you have the free will to create whatever technologies and experiences you wish to have, we will tell you that when your creations are in harmony with natural law, with the natural world, they arise in a synergy through love. When this synergy is present creations become infinite, and your potentials become infinite. Your potential for creation goes beyond what the mind can comprehend. Just imagine a world where the creation is creating itself, not because you want it to but because the creation itself wants to arise. What we ask you to do is to put your minds aside when you create.

When you create from the third dimensional human mind perspective, the creation is based on a need, a want, a desire, and it is very much based on an end product or outcome. When you have such an end product or an outcome, the creation itself is very limited. It’s very finite. And the creation itself does not get the opportunity to rise into it’s full potential. So although there are many of you in this space today who have come thinking they have to come to learn about how to create, we are here to share with you that creation requires letting go of control. When you let go of the control of the creation, the creation births itself.

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