Lion’s Gate

We are right in the midst of the Lion’s Gate energy right now! I usually don’t write about these gateways much because I am normally too busy being “in” the energy but I have had a number of requests from people wanting to know more so I will attempt to explain a bit about what the Lion’s Gate is. If you’re curious, keep reading…

The Lion’s Gate is an energetic portal that comes around each year peaking on the 8/8, with several days either side where the energy is waxing and waning. The Lion’s Gate is a portal marked by the alignment to the Sirius star and with the sun in Leo, thus the Sirian & Lion energy is very prominent during this time. It is a period of great transformation, deep inner reflection, and purification of all that does not serve the highest good. We can use the energy of the Lion’s Gate to get very clear on our own alignment and to undergo deep transformations within our being.

The Lion has it’s own symbolism of courage, bravery, loyalty. The roar of the Lion is very purifying, and for those of you that are journeying within the inner heart, perhaps you have experienced the majestic beauty of the Lion’s Roar that reverberates throughout the inner heart landscape. If not, give it a go some time…you can invite the higher dimensional Lion beings to visit your inner heart – they are very helpful at clearing energy!

The 8/8 represents the infinity energy, doubled. The infinity, to me, represents balance. The centre of the infinity is all that is still, and yet I am always reminded that movement and stillness are not separate. When we move through the infinity, we find moments of stillness, and yet the flow of the infinity is always in a graceful and flowing motion. The double infinity also takes on the form of two infinity symbols (one vertical and one horizontal) combined to make a cross formation.

I am also hearing “Lyran’s Gate”, the gateway to connect with our beautiful Lion/feline beings from Lyra. Here’s a picture to help you connect with them.

The gateway this year opened up on the 26th, although I started feeling the energy around the 23rd, at which point I was still travelling in Canada. On the 25th I visited the Niagara Falls and felt inspired to place some crystals into the node which sits right in the middle of the horseshoe falls, which felt significant in preparation for the opening of Lion’s Gate.

There are several nodes in major bodies of water, and they all connect to the Agarthan network (inner earth). One of the major ones is at Lake Titicaca. In fact, the deepest part of the lake is connected to a tunnel that links right to the inner earth cities within that area. This will be explored further in other posts.

These portals and gateways (7/7, 8/8 etc.) are times when the energies entering the planet are amplified. Due to this, people sometimes feel symptoms such as headaches, moodiness, energy waves moving through the body, and so on. However, I have noticed that these physical symptoms, or “ascension flu” as some call it, only manifest if there is a lack of alignment between the energy that is coming through and how it is being integrated within your body. If you full surrender to the new energies with no resistance whatsoever, there is no need for any physical symptons. This applies to full moons, solstices and any other energetic influx or fluctuation of energy around the planet.

A simple practice you can do to help stabilise yourself within the Lion’s Gate energy is to visualise the double infinity cross in gold or rose gold light around your heart, expanding out until you have a big infinity from your soul star to your earth star chakra, and another horizontal one, with the centre of the double infinity cross in your heart. You can also anchor roots (like a tree) into the ground to help you anchor this energy.

Wishing you a powerful, transformative and loving gateway and transition. If you wish to join me in person for my special Lion’s Gate meditation on 8/8 at 8pm, you can book your spot here.


In loving presence,


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