Friday Night Meditations

Connect With Your Soul Light & Higher Self

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Meditative journeys for the heart and soul

Fridays @ 7pm, at Siddhi Space (U8/46 Buckingham Drive Wangara, Perth)

The meditation classes are for you if:

 You would like to still your mind

 Want to reconnect body, mind and spirit

 Want to explore your sense of “home” within yourself

 Want to remember who you are and your purpose on this planet

 You want to reduce stress and anxiety

During these meditations you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation using a variety of techniques including breathwork, mindfulness meditation, visualisation and more. Sessions last up to 90 minutes. Approximately one hour is spent in meditation, often through a series of small meditations with a few minutes break in between each visualisation.

Benefits of meditation include:

♥ Remembrance of your soul

♥ Reconnecting body, mind and spirit

♥ Connection to source/creation energy

♥ Raising your energetic frequencies

♥ Purifying your energy field and intentions

♥ Clarifying intentions and manifestations

♥ Deep relaxation

♥ Reduced stress and anxiety

♥ Better sleep quality

♥ And more!


Meditations are run on a by donation basis. The value of this type of meditation is approximately $30 a session. I wish for these meditations to be accessible to all and thus I ask that you feel into what you can honestly contribute. I give deep gratitude for all contributions as your funding assists the space to operate and allows me to facilitate this type of work with people who genuinely cannot afford it.

What makes this different to other meditation groups?

My meditations are unique as they are channeled fresh each time. I rarely prepare my visualisations in advance as each one is tailored to the energies sitting in the space. Thus each week is very different and I have never run the same meditation twice.

Upcoming dates:

Friday 8th July @ 7pm

Friday 15th July @ 7pm

Friday 22nd July @ 7pm

Friday 29th July @ 7pm

Meditations are held at Siddhi Space (U8/46 Buckingham Drive, Wangara, Perth)

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