Are you complaining too much, and is it ruining your flow?

Today I’d like to share with you something that changed my life. Without knowing it, I used to live a life in complete ignorance with very little awareness of where my thoughts and words – my energy – was flowing. That’s when I came across “Complaint Free World” by Will Bowen. Bowen has designed a 21 day practice of NO complaining. Zip. Nada. Don’t even think about it.

Just imagine if EVERYBODY in the world followed this principle? We would see a world with much more positivity, productivity and HEALTHY conflict resolutions.

The first part of this 21 day challenge involves learning what constitutes a complaint, and how to identify when you’re doing it. This is definitely NOT one of those “let’s put everything under the rug and be all love and light all the time” movements. What it does do is get you to address issues directly at the core. A complaint is when you’re randomly having a whinge about something to somebody who can’t actually do anything about it.

For example, if you get annoyed by your boss at work instead of complaining to the person next to you, you could address the issue directly with your boss. Alternatively, you may stop and realise it’s not a big deal anyway and save your breath and energy.

The main thing I got from this practice was realising just how much energy I was expending toward utterly useless conversations and thoughts. I learned to address issues directly at the source where they could either be resolved or I could be at peace with the situation and let it go within myself. I started at first by just focusing on my words, then later became more vigilant with my thoughts as well.

“But what if I just want to vent?”
Great, go nuts. I’m all for HEALTHY expressions of emotional release. It’s very important to release emotions as they come up so they don’t get stored or suppressed in our deeper cellular and neurological memory. BUT if you’re just having a whinge or a rant for the sake of it, or for attention or some form of needy validation (no judgement here, we’ve all done it) then maybe it’s time to reassess.

Do you REALLY want to be putting that much energy into useless complaining that isn’t actually going to help your situation? Or would you rather do something about it?

The first step is AWARENESS. Once you become aware of where your energy is going at any moment then you can direct it. This is MASTERY.




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