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Early Years

Born as a twin in India, I was raised in a household where I was taught that life had to be hard work. My parents fought against religious discrimination and massive family disapproval, and yet they were very clear on their love for each other and this held the family together through many tough times.

At the age of five, our family left India to create a better world for us in a Western country, so off we went to New Zealand, leaving behind almost everything to start fresh in another part of the world. My parents wanted us to have a good education and a chance to make the most of our lives. Between working multiple jobs, raising two children and feeding a family, my parents were very determined to give us our best chance in the world. They send us to school, swimming classes, karate and more. Funding was tight, and I later found out that there would be days that my mum would not eat dinner and yet made sure that we were properly clothed, fed and bathed each and every day.

Ever since I was a young child I have always been interested in things beyond the physical realm. While all the other children were into reality tv and soap operas, I LOVED shows like charmed, medium and anything that was mystical and magic. By the time I was in high school, my friends and I would spend our sleepovers watching horror films, and one time even tried to do a séance, though back then that stuff really scared me so I told myself I never wanted to dabble in the spirit realm, mostly because I believed it and also because it was all very unknown to me. Some part of me deep down always knew that there must be more than meets the eye and I was always exploring, looking for something more.

When I was 12, I first came across white light meditations and I remember spending hours and hours practicing making chi energy balls between my hands and I would look up topics like astral travel and crop circles. These days I don’t really believe in coincidences, and it certainly was no coincidence when I was browsing Wikipedia one day and used the random search option, only to come across topics like the Bermuda Triangle and Edcar Cayce’s prophecies. I would read article after article about conspiracy theories such as area 52, about alien abduction stories, the fall Af atlantis and all the many unexplained mysteries of the universe.

A lot of this stuff got put on hold during my late teens as I became more concerned about boys, fashion and some of the more “normal” girly things in life. When I was 19 it was my dance teacher that acted as a catalyst for my next stage of spiritual growth. I met up with her outside of dance class one day and she offered to teach me the merkaba light body meditation, which I had never even heard of before but I just knew that I needed to do it. After my first session I knew something had shifted and I became very open to experiencing higher energies. After my second session was the first time I experienced a strong and clear connection to my four angel guides. By the end of those 6 sessions I felt amazing, however the time was not right for me to be fully immersed in that field and I chose to spend the next few months exploring other areas of my life.

It wasn’t until about a year after I had finished the 6-part Merkaba Activation that I really started practicing working with that energy on a regular basis. After about a year of practicing the Merkaba meditations, I started to have really blissful experiences in a meditative state. One time, I was sitting in the field of energy and I heard a voice in my head say “you are now in the 13th dimension”. Of course, I didn’t know at that point in time that there was even a 13th dimension so I did the most logical thing, which was to google it. As you might expect, not a whole lot of information was out there at that time, and it after going through several websites, I finally found one that said the thirteenth dimension was the level of pure consciousness. Given the amazing experience I had, I was ready to believe that.

For another couple of years, I regularly practiced meditation, yoga and even went on a 10-day silent vipassana retreat. However it wasn’t until a major life event changed my life entirely that I became really open to energy and the spiritual world I live in now.

In July 2015 my entire world turned upside down over a very short period of time. I left my fiancé, my house, my studies and pretty much everything that I had decided was “me”. In doing so, I dropped my entire identity and found myself reborn into a whole new life surrounded by new friends, colleagues, mentors and more. As the saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” and boy did they appear. This was the part of my life where I started learning about channeling, multidimensionality, inner earth, and a whole range of other things that at first glimpse sounded absolutely crazy. Now I have a much deeper understanding of inner truth and wisdom and a lot more appreciation for the unseen world of energy.


Today, I am so grateful to be able to share my message with the world. Walking my life’s path has taught me that there is so much more to life than we can fathom. There is a world of mystery, wonder and magic. A world where living in Joy, Bliss and Unconditional Love is not only possibly but is the natural reality of life. It brings me great joy and honour to be able to walk alongside you and explore life’s mysteries together, exploring and watching the unfolding of the multidimensional new earth paradigm.

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